FAA Responds to REI Paraglider Incursion Complaint

The paraglider flights through the REI traffic pattern to get to the Hangar 24 brewery stopped for 3 months, or so, after the City of Redlands announced on 5-1-19, the use of private property in the City of Redlands for paraglider landing sites is a zoning violation. In other words, it’s illegal for the paragliders to land on private property near the brewery. Some folks may not know about this, or they just do not care as we have gotten at least a half dozen reports of paragliders transitioning through the traffic pattern since August. These recent activities have resulted in a complaint to the FAA. As a result of the complaint, the FAA will be performing an outreach seminar to the paraglider community and other interested parties to discuss FAA regulations pertaining to these activities. A location, date and time for this outreach seminar will be shared when its made available.

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  1. ~ We Also have major problems with out of control paragliding operation at Torrey Pines Gliderport.

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