REI Perimeter Fence Repair Near Run -Up Area

Its no secret that the perimeter fence at the airport has numerous openings that let coyotes and transients access the airport. When it is open near the Jacinto avocado grove we get lots of coyote activity as the grove is a source of food and water. Fence repairs near the run up area were started on Friday September 14th. Thank you City of Redlands for the needed maintenance!

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National Aviation Day 2018 @ Redlands Airport

If you missed it, we had a great time celebrating National Aviation Day Saturday August 18th. Our National Aviation Day event accomplished the intent of the holiday. We definitely promoted aviation to the community at large!

EAA Chapter 845 flew 35 kids and a couple of adults. They great turnout of generous pilots that volunteered their time and aircraft to fly these “Young Eagles”.  I am sure they inspired some of these kids to be future pilots or mechanics.

Our guests enjoyed music on the lobby patio while they visited and enjoyed lunch. No one left hungry!

We held our 1st Spot Landing Contest and appeared to be a big hit. 14 brave pilots slugged it out to win Aircraft Spruce Gift Cards and recognition as the Spot Landing Champs

Here is a link to some photos we have posted on our website under the photos tab. Click on this link: National Aviation Day 2018.  Enjoy!

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A Gaggle of REI Pilots Flock to Third Generation Taco @ APV

It was a great day to go flying and enjoy a great breakfast with friends this morning. Ten planes with 20 pilots and friends descended on Apple Valley Airport this morning. REI pilots meet once a week for a breakfast fly-out to a local airport. Show up at the lobby by 7:30 am on Sundays to join them on their next mission.

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Active Firefighting Aircraft Operations At Redlands Airport

Redlands Municipal Airport is once again demonstrating it’s value as a community asset.  US Forest Service contract firefighting helicopters are now operating from the West Ramp at Redlands Municipal Airport to support efforts to fight the “Valley Fire” burning near Forest Falls CA. These crews began arriving at the airport on Friday, July 6th. All of the firefighting aircraft belong to contractors. Some are from as far away as Atlanta, GA.

If you are flying into Redlands Airport, please be aware there are Notices to Airman (NOTAM’s) filed for this activity. Please exercise caution if you are using the airport during their stay. These folks are flying heavy helicopters that create significant rotor wash. They are also flying irregular traffic patterns. Please give them the right of way as they are engaged in firefighting activities.

Information about the Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) for the Valley fire can be found at this link:

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The RAA Exhibit at Air Fest 2018

The RAA had 9 members volunteer their time to promote Redlands Municipal Airport, General Aviation, EAA Chapter 845 and the RAA to guests attending AirFest 2018. It wasn’t all work for those that volunteered.  We all enjoyed the show.  Thanks!

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RAA Members Turn-Out for AAB Annual Report at Council Meeting

James Hoyt, Chair of the Airport Advisory Board (AAB) and RAA Director, presented an annual report of the AAB’s activities at the 5-16-18 Redlands City Council meeting.

We had a good turnout of RAA members to hear him too at the Council meeting.


The Council also reviewed and approved the RAA’s “Stuff a Plane with Toys for Tots 2018” event. A third item discussed was the removal of our airport traffic pattern from the municipal code. That item was continued for discussion at a later meeting.

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Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Steve Willer!

RAA Vice-President Steve Willer and his fiancee Kellie Patrick were married on May 6, 2018 at a beautiful ceremony at Edwards Mansion in Redlands.  We all wish Steve and Kellie happiness in their lives together. Congratulations from all of us!

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Redlands Airport Finally Gets a New Sign

Do you remember the deteriorated sign welcoming visitors to the transient ramp at the REI Lobby?  Well there has been a spare one collecting dust for years in our airport supervisors office. We guess they made two signs years ago. After at least a year of multiple requests, the City of Redlands installed the new sign and painted the mounting posts.             Thank you to the City of Redlands for this much needed maintenance! 

                       Before                                                                               After                       


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Bird Strike in Vicinity of REI

A Bell 206 had an encounter with a large bird Monday 4/2/18. No one was hurt, except the bird. The aircraft is based at the owners residence and the strike occurred a couple of miles from REI. We are in the migratory season and the new Citrus reservoir is a huge attraction for birds. We have seen geese over the airport very recently. Please be vigilant for bird activity when operating near REI. For more information about bird strikes, please read: AOPA’s Air Safety Instititute Safety Brief – Bird Strikes. Please report all wildlife strikes to the FAA online at:

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Redlands Airport Spring Fling 2018


Master chefs Denny Brown and Jeff Tippet cooked up a storm today for Spring Fling attendees. At least 15 Young Eagles got to experience flight in a small plane for the first time. See the photos tab and click on 3-24-18 Redlands Airport Spring Fling for more photo’s of todays event.


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