Congratulations Tony Pine on Your First Solo Flight!

For an aspiring pilot, one of the most memorable moments in their life is the first solo flight. It is a milestone of a pilot’s flight training. When an instructor is confident their student can safely takeoff and land without them being in the airplane, they step out and watch their student make three takeoffs and landings. The first solo is a big accomplishment and a confidence builder for someone earning a private pilot license. Tony Pine, an aspiring private pilot completed his first solo flight at Redlands Airport on 10-28-20! His proud mom and dad witnessed the event.

Tony Pine is Congratulated by his Flight Instructor Earl Schofield
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Fly-In Movie Night at Luxivair SBD – Saturday, October 17th

You’ve been to a drive-in movie, but have you been to a FLY-IN movie? Well, now’s
your chance! Guests will get a fresh take on movie night on the ramp at Luxivair SBD on Saturday, October 17th. The event starts at 5:30 pm. The first movie starts at 6:30, the second movie starts at 8:15. It includes complimentary food and beverage sponsored by EPIC Fuels. For more information click on this link: Fly-In Movie Night at Luxivair SBD

This is a free event, with limited seating for REI guests. Tickets will be available on a first come first serve basis. Please email Cat Pritchett to obtain tickets. Her email is:

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Ten Secret Sights on the California Coast only Pilots can See and How to Fly them like a Pro – FAAST Webinar 9-28-20 @ 7PM PDT

Don’t miss out on your last chance to see the seminar one pilot called “one of the best I have seen in my 17 years of flying in the Bay Area.”

California pilots are treated to the jaw-dropping beauty of the coast on a regular basis, but we bet you’ve never seen it like this. Join a former NOAA research pilot and a PhD Geologist for a new kind of coastal tour to unlock ten secret sights you can only see from the sky.

The speakers promise to spice up your coastal flying with an aerial tour of history and wildlife spanning all the way from Shelter Cove to the Channel Islands. Learn where to spot whales and sharks, how to fly along the San Andreas fault, and hear wild stories of flying for science. We’ll cover all this while teaching you easy-to-follow tips and tricks to keep you safe and protect our ocean treasures.

All pilots are invited to attend this truly fun, unique and free seminar.  A brief overview of the WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program will be offered at the webinar opening. 

Register at this link to receive webinar link and event details:

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Update on California Bills SB 902 & SB 1120

SB 1120 and SB 902 are being driven by developers, and if passed into law could have a very negative impact on general aviation airports in California.  These bills essentially strip local government of land-use planning and approvals in the name of “affordable” housing in the state. 

We heard that despite the last-minute oppositions by the aviation community, the bills were not stopped during committee review. Fortunately, both bills were not passed by the California assembly by the 8-31-20 legislative deadline. That date is the last day for each house in the California legislature to pass bills this year. So, these bills are dead for now. Unfortunately, there is a high probability they will be resurrected in next year’s CA legislative session which begins January 4, 2021.

Thank you to all that took the time to contact legislators to oppose these bills. At a minimum calling attention to the deficiencies in the bills could lead to amendments that maintain existing land use protection around airports. We will share any additional information we learn about these bills.

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Protect our California Airports! Help Oppose SB 1120 & SB 902

Please see the email below and attachments we received from Melissa McCaffrey, AOPA.  This went to all AOPA members in California, but some of you may not have seen this or no longer belong to AOPA. Her request is important to share. Please take the time to contact your CA Assemblyman by email or phone no later than Monday 8-10 to oppose the bills she mentions.  Please see the instructions in her email. 

Redlands Airport is in CA Assembly Member Ramos district. As such, Melissa as asked us to contact him to oppose the bills. Some of you may reside in other CA assembly districts and you will need to contact your CA assembly member to do this. If you are not sure who that is, please use this link to contact your CA assembly member:  Please be sure to change the name in the email to your assembly members name. 

If you have questions, please contact us at 

From: McCaffrey, Melissa <>
Sent: Saturday, August 8, 2020 12:56 PM
To: McCaffrey, Melissa <>
Subject: Help AOPA Oppose SB 1120 and SB 902

Dear Redlands Pilots,

I hope this email find you well during these difficult times.  My name is Melissa McCaffrey and I manage Government Affairs issues in AOPAs Western Pacific Region, which includes lobbying for State level legislation affecting general aviation.  I am writing to ask for your help in our legislative effort opposing two bills that are being heard by a committee in the California Assembly on Tuesday, August 11th

I am asking that you contact your Assembly member, who has Redlands Municipal Airport in their district and ask them to OPPOSE SB 1120 and SB 902 and NOT support either bill passing through the Assembly Local Government Committee on August 11th.  Please tell the office that you are a constituent in the Assembly Members district. You can call the number below or copy the suggested text into an email.  Please reach out by the end of the day Monday, August 10th, the hearing will be held first thing in the morning on Tuesday, August 11th.

Why is this effort important to you as an AOPA member?  SB 1120 and SB 902 are being driven by developers, and if passed into law could have a very negative impact on general aviation airports in California.  These bills essentially strip local government of land-use planning and approvals in the name of “affordable” housing in the state.  More information on these bills is available here:  Please help us protect California general aviation airports that could be threatened – or even closed by housing development that is incompatible with airports.  We need you to take action to help us defeat the developer’s efforts in Sacramento!

Please take action to help us save California airports!

Call your Assembly Member by the end of the day on Monday, August 10th, and ask them to oppose SB 1120 and SB 902, both being heard in the Assembly Local Government Committee on August 11th.

Assembly Member James C. Ramos

Phone: (916) 319-2040


Please send an email using this suggested text and the email link above:  

Hello Assembly Member Ramos,

I am a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), a pilot and a constituent in your district.  AOPA is a not-for-profit member organization representing two thirds of all pilots in the United States, and over 36,000 members in the State of California.  I ask that you oppose SB 1120 and SB 902 passing through the Local Government Committee on August 11th. This is very important to pilots in California and I would appreciate your support.  Both SB 1120 and SB 902 would have serious negative consequences to airports across the State, including Redlands Municipal Airport.  Thank you for your consideration.

Join me on a conference call to learn more about SB 1120 and SB 902 and why we are opposing them.  I will host this Q&A session on Monday morning from 9:00am – 10:00am Pacific Time and will be happy to personally answer your questions.  I will be available for the full hour, so please join the call at any time.  

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 667-401-1062   United States, Baltimore (Toll)

Conference ID: 841 849 023#

Local numbers | Reset PIN | Learn more about Teams | Meeting options

I cannot stress enough how impactful strong community support is to legislators.  Your calls and emails WILL be heard by your Assembly member – even if you must leave a voice message!   AOPA is actively opposing these bills and I have already submitted AOPA position letters (attached) to the docket for the hearing on the 11th.

Thank you for your membership in AOPA and for your help in OPPOSING these bills.  Together, we can keep the future of general aviation airports in California bright!

Melissa McCaffrey

Government Affairs, Western Pacific

Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association

o: 301-695-2228 | c: 386-366-1811

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Caution: Fire Tanker Activity at and over Redlands Airport

A helicopter tanker base has been established on the west ramp at Redlands Airport. There are numerous tanker aircraft flying into and out San Bernardino Airport that are transitioning over REI. The heavy helicopters on the west ramp will also be operating, flying to and from the Apple Fire.

REI is not closed at this time but please exercise caution and give right of way to these aircraft if you are operating out of REI. 

West Ramp REI 10:30 am Sunday, August 2, 2020

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Garmin Has been Hacked!

Please read the article below that was published in Forbes and authored by Barry Collins. Please see Garmin International for Updates at

Will Garmin Pay $10 Million Ransom To End Two-Day Outage?

Barry CollinsContributorConsumer TechI am a consumer tech expert writing about Windows, PCs, laptops, Mac, broadband and more.

A photo illustration of US 100 dollar bills...
Garmin’s computer systems are being held to ransom SOPA IMAGES/LIGHTROCKET VIA GETTY IMAGES

Garmin is reportedly being asked to pay a $10 million ransom to free its systems from a cyberattack that has taken down many of its services for two days.

The navigation company was hit by a ransomware attack on Thursday, leaving customers unable to log fitness sessions in Garmin apps and pilots unable to download flight plans for aircraft navigation systems, among other problems. The company’s communication systems have also been taken offline, leaving it unable to respond to disgruntled customers.

Garmin employees have told BleepingComputer that the company was struck down by the WastedLocker ransomware. Screenshots sent to BleepingComputer show long lists of the company’s files encrypted by the malware, with a ransom note attached to each file.

The ransom note tells the recipient to email one of two email addresses to “get a price for your data”. That price, Garmin’s sources have told BleepingComputer, is $10 million.

Crippled Garmin

The ransomware attack has crippled many of the company’s systems. Reports claim that Garmin’s IT department shut down all of the company’s computers, including those of employees working from home who were connected by VPN, to halt the spread of the ransomware across its network.

Garmin’s Taiwan factories have reportedly closed production lines yesterday and today while the company attempts to unpick the ransomware.

The shutdown is having a big effect on Garmin’s customers. DownDetector reveals a huge spike today in people having trouble accessing Garmin Connect, the app that logs fitness routines for the company’s devices. More people are likely to be using such devices at the weekend.

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DownDetector graph showing problems with Garmin Connect
DownDetector shows how Garmin customers continue to be affected DOWNDETECTOR

The problem is even more serious for Garmin’s aviation device customers. Pilots have told ZDNet that they are unable to download a version of Garmin’s aviation database onto their airplane navigation systems, which is an FAA requirement.

Garmin has issued very little public comment about the problem. On Thursday, the company issued a tweet saying “we are currently experiencing an outage that affects Garmin Connect,” adding that the outage “also affects our call centers and we are currently unable to receive any calls, emails or online chats”.

Garmin has been approached for comment, but as you can appreciate from the statement above, that’s somewhat complicated…

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Redlands Pilots Win Big @ EAA Poker Chip Run Fundraiser

Twenty two aircraft participated today in the Poker Chip Run Fundraiser organized by EAA Chapter 1 & Flabob Airport. Nine of the aircraft with 17 participants were from REI. The REI pilots & crew collected cards and chips from EAA Chapter 845 at the REI lobby. After departing Redlands, they flew to Cable, Corona, French Valley, and ended up at Flabob for a nice lunch under the trees. It was nice to get out, up in the sky, and meet some wonderful people from all these airports. The total collected was $1100 with $550 donated to EAA Oshkosh. REI pilot Walt Ferar had the highest score and took home $320. Brandon Knight had the lowest score and took home $230. Everyone had an awesome time! Click the link for some photos of the EAA Poker Chip Event at Flabob.

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Redlands Airport Re-striping Project Video

It was finished ahead of schedule and with consideration of users. The contractor, PCI, did a short video of their crews in action during this three night project. The contractor did a great job. Thank you to the City of Redlands, the FAA and PCI for this maintenance project! Enjoy this video and music!

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Flying to Chino (CNO)? Please See FAA Letter to Airmen

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