Wildlife Strike Report

Wildlife strikes are not limited to just bird strikes. Coyotes or other animals on the runway causing aborted landings or takeoffs should be reported too! It’s no secret we have a big coyote problem here at REI.

FAA Advisory Circular 150/5200-32B explains the need for pilots to report wildlife strikes. Per the AC, you should report an “aborted takeoff, aborted landing, high-speed emergency stop, or the aircraft left the pavement area to avoid collision with wildlife”. This would include encounters some of us have had with coyotes running across the runway at REI. Reporting these close calls with coyotes at Redlands Airport can be beneficial to help the city get AIP (Airport Improvement Program) grant funding to from the FAA to help cover the costs to replace the airport perimeter fence where coyotes enter.

Reports are filed online on an FAA website at this link: https://wildlife.faa.gov/add. It takes about 5 minutes to make a report. That said, we know that many of our pilots are not fond of making any report to the FAA so some of you may need some help. If so, please contact contact one of the RAA Board Members listed on the poster below. Thanks