About Us

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The Mission of the RAA

  • To advocate for all users or REI.
  • To promote, support, and encourage the continued use of REI.
  • To communicate the airport’s importance to the community.
  • To educate airport users of relevant regulatory and legislative airport/aviation matters.
  • To provide a forum whereby those concerned about REI issues can voice their concerns.
  • To advise the appropriate authorities regarding safety, security, and other concerns at the airport.
  • To support government authorities in carrying out their duties regarding aviation and the utilization of REI in disasters, and public service events.

                          Officers & Directors                            

                                Theodore J. Gablin                              Director, President

                                Steven R. Willer                                   Director, Vice-President

                                Ensen Mason                                        Director, Treasurer

                                 Cindy L. Gablin                                    Director, Secretary

                                 Dennis K. Brown                                 Director, Safety Officer

                                 James S. Hoyt                                      Director

                                 Phillip Ensley                                       Director