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Caution! UPS Heavy Traffic over KREI on June 19th

UPS will be conducting an evaluation flight at San Bernardino, Intl. The flight is scheduled for Wednesday, June 19th between 1700 and 2100 local and will involve several approaches to runways 6 and 24. Per Captain David Zamiska, UPS, the … Continue reading

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Paragliding Through an Airport Traffic Pattern For a Beer Can Have Fatal Consequences

This has been a common sight at Redlands Airport lately. There have been some brave young lads paragliding through the traffic pattern at Redlands Airport risking their lives and the lives of pilots using the airport so they can strut … Continue reading

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Please Be Courteous in the REI Run-up Area!

Please be cognizant of hangars and aircraft south of the run-up area for Runway 26. Prop wash can blow dirt and debris in open hangars and can cause costly damage to aircraft. Please be courteous and face your aircraft east … Continue reading

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REI Perimeter Fence Repair Near Run -Up Area

Its no secret that the perimeter fence at the airport has numerous openings that let coyotes and transients access the airport. When it is open near the Jacinto avocado grove we get lots of coyote activity as the grove is … Continue reading

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Bird Strike in Vicinity of REI

A Bell 206 had an encounter with a large bird Monday 4/2/18. No one was hurt, except the bird. The aircraft is based at the owners residence and the strike occurred a couple of miles from REI. We are in … Continue reading

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