FAA Issues Notice of Investigation to Santa Clara County For Numerous Items Including Ban on Sale of Leaded Avgas

On December 22, 2021, the FAA issued a strongly worded letter to Eric Peterson, Director of County Airports Santa Clara County. The letter is a notice of informal investigation that was issued as a result of multiple complaints from airport tenants and users along with a group representing industry stakeholders including AOPA, EAA GAMA, NATA NBAA and the South County Airport Pilots Association. Complaints included: airport safety concerns, the ban of the sale of leaded aviation fuels, and constraints on the issuance of lease renewals to tenants. Santa Clara County operates both Reid Hillview and San Martin Airports in California.

Santa Clara Country was given 20 days to respond to the notice. The entire letter can be read at this link: 12-22-21 FAA Notice to Santa Clara County

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