Redlands City Council Approves Tentative Tracts 18979 & 19975

At a public hearing on June 21, 2016, Redlands City Council approved tentative tracts 19975 and 18979. Tentative tract 18979 is a 55 lot subdivision on the north side of San Bernardino Ave between Judson and Dearborn and tentative tract 19975 is a 67 lot subdivision opposite tract 18979 on the south side of San Bernardino Ave.

The projects were approved in spite of concerns over noise and safety of overflight. The noise and safety concerns were raised after it was learned the City of Redlands reviewed both these projects without utilizing current guidelines contained in the 2011 Caltrans  Airport Land use Planning Handbook.

Redlands City Council directed staff to update the ALUCP at the November 17, 2015 Council Meeting to be “commensurate with changes in the helicopter flight operations and for consistency with the 2011 Caltrans Airport Land Use Planning Handbook”.

We are not sure why these updates did not occur as part of the project review and approval.

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