Citrus Reservoir Stockpile Obstacle Update

As mentioned in the RAA newsletter, Ingrid Biglow, Jim Hoyt and Ted Gablin attended the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors meeting on June 15, 2016 to voice concerns about the lack of progress we have witnessed on efforts to remove the stockpile obstacle east of our airport. We also shared the way the stockpile is being removed is not very airport friendly. We requested the boards assistance to get the proper focus on removing this hazard. Chairman Ramos referred the matter to the CEO of the Board for follow-up.

Yesterday, we heard from Supervisor Ramos’ staff and their Deputy Chief of Code Enforcement Division, Julie Hernandez. The County has involved their special counsel and a very pointy letter was sent to the property owner and others involved.

You can read the full text here: 9441 Opal – Executed Letter 6-23-16

We applaud these efforts and hope the County of San Bernardino keeps the pressure on those involved to remove this hazard as quickly as possible.



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Redlands City Council Approves Tentative Tracts 18979 & 19975

At a public hearing on June 21, 2016, Redlands City Council approved tentative tracts 19975 and 18979. Tentative tract 18979 is a 55 lot subdivision on the north side of San Bernardino Ave between Judson and Dearborn and tentative tract 19975 is a 67 lot subdivision opposite tract 18979 on the south side of San Bernardino Ave.

The projects were approved in spite of concerns over noise and safety of overflight. The noise and safety concerns were raised after it was learned the City of Redlands reviewed both these projects without utilizing current guidelines contained in the 2011 Caltrans  Airport Land use Planning Handbook.

Redlands City Council directed staff to update the ALUCP at the November 17, 2015 Council Meeting to be “commensurate with changes in the helicopter flight operations and for consistency with the 2011 Caltrans Airport Land Use Planning Handbook”.

We are not sure why these updates did not occur as part of the project review and approval.

6-23-2016 4-47-26 PM

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Let’s “Pack the House” at The Redlands Council Meeting Tuesday Night

If you haven’t heard, both of the proposed housing projects in proximity to our airport are being considered by the Redlands City Council at a public hearing to be held this Tuesday evening, June 21st. The agenda is attached for your review.  You can also get to the agenda by clicking on this link: 160621_agenda Please reference items L2 and L3.

You will notice a mountain of attachments accompanying the agenda items. It appears some City staff employees want these projects approved really bad. The most telling clue as to their bias to approve these projects is the fact they were not reviewed with the current safety zones that are part of the 2011 Caltrans Airport Land Use Planning Handbook. If you recall, the Redlands City Council ordered city staff to update the airport land use compatibility plan (ALUCP) on November 17, 2015 to be consistent with the 2011 Caltrans Airport Land Use Planning Handbook.

There is no regulatory requirement for Redlands to update the safety zones in the Redlands ALUCP. But, due diligence for performing compatibility reviews on housing projects near the airport should include using the latest standards. This is necessary to determine if these projects are compatible with expected aircraft noise and safety of overflight.

We believe city staff doesn’t want to use the updated safety zone criteria as it may not allow construction of Tentative Tract 18979. This is the 55 lot project on the north side of San Bernardino Ave between Judson and Dearborn.

There’s lots of spin in the attachments and only specific data that supports the projects are utilized in the reports. We will prepare a written response for our association and will be at the meeting to speak and defend our rights to use our airport. That said, it would be helpful if we had company. We are asking for your support by joining us at the meeting. Let’s pack the house!

We will be making an appeal to the community to join us too. We have heard that most folks in the community support the airport. Many have shared they know houses and airports don’t mix.

If you are up to it speaking on behalf of our airport we would welcome your assistance. If you need help in that regard, just send us a note to: .

The Redlands City Council meets in council chambers located at 35 Cajon St. The meeting starts at 6 pm. Hope to see you there.

Ted Gablin

President, Redlands Airport Association

Chapter of California Pilots Association

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Tony Higa Celebrating his First Airshow Gig

Local Redlands aerobatic pilot Tony  Higa, will be featured at H24 Airffest 2016 on Saturday, May 14.

The RAA will be rooting him on!

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