RAA Friend of the Airport Award Presented to Ingrid Biglow

Ingrid Biglow was presented with a Friend of the Airport award in recognition of 8 years of volunteer service on the Redlands Airport Advisory Board. The award was given to Ingrid at the 5/24/17 RAA meeting by Ted Gablin on behalf of RAA members. Ingrid has been a dedicated airport supporter. Her volunteer service to the community during her 8 year term on the AAB is appreciated!

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Redlands City Council Candidates Invited to Speak at September and October RAA Meetings

Our bylaws do not allow the RAA to participate or intervene in (including the publication or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. But, we can invite candidates to RAA functions so they can share their views on our airport and community issues of concern to our members. This will help our members make good choices when they do cast their votes on election day.

This impartial activity supports one of the RAA’s purposes as stated in our Articles of Incorporation; Preservation and enhancement of airports, airspace and pilots rights in California.      

With that in mind, we are going to have an informal forum for city council candidates on September 28th and October 26th as part of our regular RAA monthly meetings. Our meetings start at 6pm and will be held in the airport public lobby at 1755 Sessums Dr.

We will give our council candidates an opportunity to hear about airport issues and the candidates will each have 10 minutes to speak and answer questions.

We hope you can make it!

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Redlands Fire Department Conducts Fire Extinguisher Training at REI

The Redlands Fire Department attended the RAA monthly meeting on August 24th, to give all in attendance a great fire safety demonstration.

Members learned the importance of proper communication when calling 911 operators to request emergency services at the airport. Communications should be detailed and include the location of the incident on the airport and the nature of the emergency to help them to determine who will respond (police or fire) and the level of response. They also stressed the importance of having someone meet them at the gate to guide them to the accident location.


Fire department personnel also instructed those in attendance on how and when to use the large dry fire extinguisher that Hangar 24 donated to the airport.


And finally we had some hands on fun understanding the forces involved with line pressures. Go Jim Hoyt!


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Airport Business Plan Discussed at 7/20/16 AAB Meeting 

Randall Wiedemann of R. A. Wiedemann & Associates was in attendance at the 7/20/16 AAB meeting to review the Airport Business Plan they prepared for the City of Redlands. The plan was approved by Redlands City Council on 7/19/16. The meeting was well attended by members of the airport community.

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Citrus Reservoir Stockpile Obstacle Update

As mentioned in the RAA newsletter, Ingrid Biglow, Jim Hoyt and Ted Gablin attended the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors meeting on June 15, 2016 to voice concerns about the lack of progress we have witnessed on efforts to remove the stockpile obstacle east of our airport. We also shared the way the stockpile is being removed is not very airport friendly. We requested the boards assistance to get the proper focus on removing this hazard. Chairman Ramos referred the matter to the CEO of the Board for follow-up.

Yesterday, we heard from Supervisor Ramos’ staff and their Deputy Chief of Code Enforcement Division, Julie Hernandez. The County has involved their special counsel and a very pointy letter was sent to the property owner and others involved.

You can read the full text here: 9441 Opal – Executed Letter 6-23-16

We applaud these efforts and hope the County of San Bernardino keeps the pressure on those involved to remove this hazard as quickly as possible.



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Redlands City Council Approves Tentative Tracts 18979 & 19975

At a public hearing on June 21, 2016, Redlands City Council approved tentative tracts 19975 and 18979. Tentative tract 18979 is a 55 lot subdivision on the north side of San Bernardino Ave between Judson and Dearborn and tentative tract 19975 is a 67 lot subdivision opposite tract 18979 on the south side of San Bernardino Ave.

The projects were approved in spite of concerns over noise and safety of overflight. The noise and safety concerns were raised after it was learned the City of Redlands reviewed both these projects without utilizing current guidelines contained in the 2011 Caltrans  Airport Land use Planning Handbook.

Redlands City Council directed staff to update the ALUCP at the November 17, 2015 Council Meeting to be “commensurate with changes in the helicopter flight operations and for consistency with the 2011 Caltrans Airport Land Use Planning Handbook”.

We are not sure why these updates did not occur as part of the project review and approval.

6-23-2016 4-47-26 PM

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