Toys for Tots Airlift is Rescheduled to December 10th

It’s not looking like the weather will cooperate for our Toys for Tots airlift to Twenty Nine Palms Airport (KTNP) tomorrow. A wind advisory will still be in effect until late tomorrow afternoon for our route of flight. Forecast winds at KTNP at our arrival time are exceeding 20kts. Winds forecast at Redlands Airport at the planned time of our departure are a bit less at approx. 15kts but will be out of the NNE.

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Redlands “Coyote” Breakfast Club Flys Out to Chiraco Summit for Breakfast

It’s a great morning to fly. Every Sunday morning, weather permitting, this group flies out for aviation and culinary adventures. If you have questions about their weekly adventures contact Allan Nimmo at:

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Stuff a Plane with Toys for Tots 2016 Kickoff a Big Hit!

The RAA’s 10/29/16 Stuff a Plane with Toys for Tots kickoff event at Redlands Municipal Airport was a big success. It certainly was bigger and better than last year. It was an educational and fun event for the local community and airport users. Santa was a surprise guest as he did drop in to say hi to the kids.


It all showed too, as our early assessment is we doubled our collection of toys and donations as compared to the kickoff event held last year.dscf3966

Notable donors included:  Redlands Police Officers Association, San Bernardino County Sheriffs Aviation Division, Redlands Aviation, Clean Relief Portables and RAA members Al Barone, James and Diane Hoyt.  Also, Alex Mirand and his family flew in from Long Beach, CA and donated 6 new bicycles and RAA members Dave and Michelle Guthmiller donated 6 new helmets.


Exhibitors included: San Bernardino County Sheriffs Aviation Division, Redlands Fire Department, Redlands Police Department, Hangar 24 Charities, Read for Life, Aero Tech Academies, Redlands Flying Club. Westwind Flying Club, Valley College, Valley College Aero Club, numerous car, motorcycle and aircraft displays and of course our friends from the USMC Reserve 29 Palms.


Toy collection will continue at locations including the public lobby at Redlands Airport, Luxivar FBO at San Bernardino Airport, Johnny’s Taco’s in Redlands, Arthurs Restaurant in Mentone, and at Hangar 24 Brewery Tasting Room. Look for the official toy collection boxes at these locations. Contact Cindy Gablin for more information @


On December 3, 2016, weather permitting, local pilots at Redlands airport will use their aircraft to deliver the toys to USMC Reserve personnel at 29 Palms airport.

Thanks to all the volunteers and donors that helped us yesterday with this event! We can’t do these type of events without your help and support.  Photos of the event can be located on our website under the photo’s tab.

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UAS Operations @ KVCV

When tuning in to the Southern California Logistics Airport (KVCV) ATIS, it is not uncommon to hear ‘UAS operations underway’. What does this really mean?

Yesterday upon calling tower for an intersection takeoff clearance, I was told to hold short for departing traffic. As I looked towards the end of the runway I saw a v-tail and thought I would be treated to a front row seat of a F/18 performing a viking departure.

Instead this flew by…

Something tells me this won’t be the last time I receive a hold short notice to make way for arriving or departing UAV’s.

Keep calm and drone on,

Steve W.

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Redlands Pilots And Friends at 2016 Reno Air Races

A large group (40+) of Redlands pilots and friends went to the Reno Air Races this year to enjoy the races and support our local racers, Casey Erickson, Denny Brown and Tony Higa.

All enjoyed a great time!

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Redlands City Council Candidates Invited to Speak at September and October RAA Meetings

Our bylaws do not allow the RAA to participate or intervene in (including the publication or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. But, we can invite candidates to RAA functions so they can share their views on our airport and community issues of concern to our members. This will help our members make good choices when they do cast their votes on election day.

This impartial activity supports one of the RAA’s purposes as stated in our Articles of Incorporation; Preservation and enhancement of airports, airspace and pilots rights in California.      

With that in mind, we are going to have an informal forum for city council candidates on September 28th and October 26th as part of our regular RAA monthly meetings. Our meetings start at 6pm and will be held in the airport public lobby at 1755 Sessums Dr.

We will give our council candidates an opportunity to hear about airport issues and the candidates will each have 10 minutes to speak and answer questions.

We hope you can make it!

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Redlands Fire Department Conducts Fire Extinguisher Training at REI

The Redlands Fire Department attended the RAA monthly meeting on August 24th, to give all in attendance a great fire safety demonstration.

Members learned the importance of proper communication when calling 911 operators to request emergency services at the airport. Communications should be detailed and include the location of the incident on the airport and the nature of the emergency to help them to determine who will respond (police or fire) and the level of response. They also stressed the importance of having someone meet them at the gate to guide them to the accident location.


Fire department personnel also instructed those in attendance on how and when to use the large dry fire extinguisher that Hangar 24 donated to the airport.


And finally we had some hands on fun understanding the forces involved with line pressures. Go Jim Hoyt!


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Santa Monica City Council Votes to Close Airport

A copy  of the press release issued by the City of Santa Monica 8-23-16


August 23, 2016

Contact: Nelson Hernandez, Senior Advisor of Airport Affairs
Office of the City Manager
(310) 458-8301

Santa Monica City Council Votes to Close Airport

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – On Tuesday August 23, 2016, the Santa Monica City Council adopted a resolution calling for the closure of the Airport as soon as legally permitted, with the goal of closure on or before July 1, 2018. The Council directed the City Manager to implement a series of measures intended to reduce the adverse environmental impacts of the Airport until operations permanently cease. They also adopted a fixed based operations (FBOs) policy for the City Manager to implement to replace private aircraft support services with services provided by the City.

In its Resolution, the Council declared the Airport produces a wide range of adverse impacts, including noise and air pollution, as well as safety issues. The Council’s Resolution notes the positive consequences of transitioning the land from aviation to open space, parks, recreation, educational, and cultural uses as required by Measure LC, the ballot measure that Santa Monica voters approved in 2014. 

“Through our unanimous vote tonight, the Council demonstrated our commitment to stop the harmful impacts the Airport has on our community. Transitioning our land into a ‘great-park’ is the single most transformative action this Council can take,” said Mayor Tony Vazquez. “The land needs to be transformed from a source of pollution and potential danger, into a community asset.” 
The Council also directed the City Manager to implement a series of measures intended to reduce the adverse impacts of the Airport until operations cease permanently. 

“Our Council and community in solidarity, want to close the airport that predominantly caters to the 1% that can afford to travel by private jet. We have directed the City Manager to take every step possible to expedite the transformation of our land from Airport to park,” said Mayor Pro Tem Ted Winterer. “There are real legal obstacles and while we need to be conscientious as we navigate the court system, our resolve to close the Airport is firm.” 

The measures the City Manager was authorized to implement include petitioning the FAA to remove the far west segment of the runway from aviation use. This would shrink the runway by 2,000 feet and consequently reduce the adverse impacts of the Airport. Further, Council directed the City Manager to commence the planning and environmental analysis of converting the SMO into a park. Last, the Council approved a policy regarding FBOs. FBOs are providers of aeronautical services, such as fuel and aircraft storage. Currently those services are provided by two private companies. The Council directed the City Manager to create a city-run FBO service by December 31st or as soon as feasible. This change, allowed under FAA regulations, would significantly diminish the incentive for private companies to market their services to corporate and personal jet traffic.
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National Aviation Day Lunch Fly-in is Rescheduled to September 24

On 8-17- 16, Redlands Municipal Airport was tapped to be a base of operations for contract heavy lift US Forest Service helicopters called in to work the Blue Cut fire. This forced our National Aviation Day celebration event scheduled for 8-20 to be rescheduled.

You can read about Redlands Municipal Airports role in fire fighting operations in this article published in The Sun Telegram on 8-19-16:

“How local airports help fight the Blue Cut fire”

Our National Aviation Day event will now be held on September 24th. You can read about our event on the events tab of our website.

8-20-2016 10-57-37 AM


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Redlands Airport Used Again as Staging Base for USFS Firefighting Helo’s

Once again the value of our local municipal airport is demonstrated as it is used to stage US Forest Service contract firefighting helicopters working the “Pilot Fire”. The proximity of our airport to the local mountains makes it an ideal staging base when wild fires threaten those communities. These helicopters have been based at the airport since 8-8-16. As of 8-10-16 the “Pilot” fire is 65% contained. Normal airport operations have not been curtailed, but pilots should be mindful of the heavy helicopter operation from the west ramp and give these crews lots of room to conduct their work.

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