Bermuda Dunes Airport Under Siege

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CalPilots is asking for member support to “Pack the House” at the City of Indio Council Chambers located at 150 Civic Center Mall  on Wednesday May 17th at  5pm. Your presence will add support to CalPilots effort to stop the construction of … Continue reading

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Redlands Airport Spring Fling – March 18, 2017

Pancakes and sausages were sizzling early this morning to feed our young airport guests, their families, participating pilots and volunteers from our airport community. In the end over 30 young people that included new EAA Young Eagles and Valley College maintenance students took to the beautiful skies over Redlands. We have posted photos of the event on our website under the photo’s tab. Click here to see them.

We had 8 generous pilots that took the time to share aviation with our guests. They included Lloyd Roberts, Steve Willer, Ken Laymon, Barry Neumayer, Don Springer, Dan Chapman, Larry Rice and Bill Ingraham.

A big thank you to all the volunteers that worked hard to make this event a success. We cant do these events without your help.



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Newly Licensed REI Pilot – Tony Talamantes

Hi everyone,

The attached photo is from today after Tony Talamantes was told he passed his private pilot flight test.

I am certain that Tony is exceptionally tired after nearly a four hour oral and two hour flight test.

Tony is also a part owner of N2134E.

Tony has worked extremely hard to earn his pilot certificate over the past few months.  If you have the time please send Tony a congratulation.  You can email Tony at:

Larry Rice, CFII

Airplane Flight and Ground Instructor

909 283-8297

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Wings Over Kauai

If you get a chance to visit Kauai and get the bug to go fly, please check out Wings over Kauai. They offer fixed wing tours of the island in their C-172 or G8 Airvan. Many areas of this island are not accessible by car and can best be seen from the air.

You can simply ride along, look out the windows, or be PIC (in the 172) with CFI-PHD Bruce Coulombe. He has accumulated 7,000 of his 17,000 hours flying around the island and he knows all the good spots to see.

We spent a little over an hour with Dr. Bruce and truly enjoyed the trip. Kauai is not that big. You can cruise along the tour route in the 172 and see everything in about an hour. Tours are operated out of Lihue airport (PHLI) which is class D. The tours are done under VFR. Considerable effort is expended to avoid the extensive air tour traffic by reporting positions at known checkpoints. Tours are also conducted with great sensitivity to minimizing noise to residents as there are extensive helicopter air tours of the island.

Our C-172 experience was 1/2 the price of a rotary wing tour. We got to see some spectacular scenery and it was a bonus to have 1.1 in the logbook as PIC in Kauai. We highly recommend Wings over Kauai.

Ted & Cindy


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Chino Airport Challenges

It appears that the number of airspace violations and wrong runway landings at Chino Airport is on the rise. As many in the REI community frequent CNO for a meal, to have airplanes serviced, or to visit friends, we wanted to make you aware of the following notice that was put out by the FAA on 1/10/2017.

-Steve W.

Chino Airport Challenges
Notice Number: NOTC6991

Airspace Violations and Wrong Runway Landings are a national level priority safety issue and the FAA is organizing an effort to understand root causes and identify mitigations to be adopted.  Since August 2016, Air Traffic is reporting a significant increase of Chino (KCNO) Class D Airspace violations and wrong runway landings by general aviation aircraft. 

Airspace Violations: Aircraft are entering Class D Airspace without first establishing radio communications required by 14 CFR 91.129 (c).  This Notice is to remind pilots of communications requirements and the following best practices:

Pilots receiving VFR Traffic Advisories from Southern California (SOCAL) TRACON may enter the Class D as it is an ATC responsibility to coordinate required transition and entry.  However, multiple PDs have been observed when pilots contact SCT for advisories while already in or fast approaching the Class D airspace.  Pilots must be in contact with SCT well prior to the boundary in order for an entry to be coordinated for them.  Do not enter Class D Airspace until required communications with ATC are established.

Many of the pilots violating the CNO Class D airspace are departing from Corona Municipal Airport (CNO) which is just south of the Class D boundary.  Pilots departing AJO must be careful not to enter the Class D unless communications with CNO ATCT have been established prior to entry.

Wrong Runway Landings: Getting the airport wrong is mortifying.  But you can be at the right airport and still commit the embarrassing mistake of landing on the wrong runway.  You can always request assistance from the tower if you have any doubt which runway you are landing on.  The tower can attempt to visually confirm you are lined up with the right runway.  The tower might also be able to flash runway lights or turn on REIL lights to assist.  This would be considered Single Pilot Resource Management, using all available resources to get the right outcome.  This is the point of a pilot readback.  It is not just to repeat what you are told, but to stop, mentally process the information so you understand the implications, then restate your understanding back to the controller and cross-checking the numbers before touching down.  After all, that is why the numbers are prominently painted on the runway.  Right? When you do your readbacks by rote, or not do them at all, it’s much easier end up on the wrong runway.

The best way to avoid the wrong-thinking trap is to honor the professionalism that leads to right-thinking.  Use readbacks when given runway assignments.  Cross-check your heading with runway numbers.  Confirm proper airport and runway information with actual data rather than succumbing to knee-jerk affirmation that the runway in front of you is the runway you are anticipating—even hoping for.

It’s said that no matter where you go, there you are.  A good pilot with professional habits will always be at the right airport, on the right runway and on the right frequency.

In summary, it is the responsibility of the pilot in command ensure proper navigation and to meet all FAA communications requirements.  Please review airspace requirements prior to and during all flight to maintain safety and regulatory compliance.

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We Stuffed 28 Planes Full of Toys and Delivered them to the USMC


Anyone can stuff a bus as part of a toy drive, but how about stuffing planes full of toys for for the Toys for Tots program! We stuffed 28 to be exact.


On Saturday, December 10, 27 planes from Redlands airport and one plane that departed from Havasu flew to 29 Palms airport. This aerial carvan arrived on time and within a 45 minute window.

All the pilots are based at Redlands with the exception of Alex Mirand, a Long Beach pilot who stopped at Redlands in his beautiful King Air to pick up some bikes at Redlands he donated at our October kickoff event. All 28 planes were really stuffed with toys!

The pilots maintained an orderly aerial procession that started with an arrival procedure beginning over Yucca Valley airport and ending at 29 Palms airport. It was an awesome sight and it all went very well!!!


The USMC was impressed with the airlift and 40 participating pilots and crew members helped them load-up a huge pile of toys including 8 bikes and 2 trikes! We also gave them a check for $1000.00.

There are lots of photos on our website under the photos tab. Click on 2016 Toys for Tots Airlift.


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Toys for Tots Airlift is Rescheduled to December 10th

It’s not looking like the weather will cooperate for our Toys for Tots airlift to Twenty Nine Palms Airport (KTNP) tomorrow. A wind advisory will still be in effect until late tomorrow afternoon for our route of flight. Forecast winds at KTNP at our arrival time are exceeding 20kts. Winds forecast at Redlands Airport at the planned time of our departure are a bit less at approx. 15kts but will be out of the NNE.

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Redlands “Coyote” Breakfast Club Flys Out to Chiraco Summit for Breakfast

It’s a great morning to fly. Every Sunday morning, weather permitting, this group flies out for aviation and culinary adventures. If you have questions about their weekly adventures contact Allan Nimmo at:

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Stuff a Plane with Toys for Tots 2016 Kickoff a Big Hit!

The RAA’s 10/29/16 Stuff a Plane with Toys for Tots kickoff event at Redlands Municipal Airport was a big success. It certainly was bigger and better than last year. It was an educational and fun event for the local community and airport users. Santa was a surprise guest as he did drop in to say hi to the kids.


It all showed too, as our early assessment is we doubled our collection of toys and donations as compared to the kickoff event held last year.dscf3966

Notable donors included:  Redlands Police Officers Association, San Bernardino County Sheriffs Aviation Division, Redlands Aviation, Clean Relief Portables and RAA members Al Barone, James and Diane Hoyt.  Also, Alex Mirand and his family flew in from Long Beach, CA and donated 6 new bicycles and RAA members Dave and Michelle Guthmiller donated 6 new helmets.


Exhibitors included: San Bernardino County Sheriffs Aviation Division, Redlands Fire Department, Redlands Police Department, Hangar 24 Charities, Read for Life, Aero Tech Academies, Redlands Flying Club. Westwind Flying Club, Valley College, Valley College Aero Club, numerous car, motorcycle and aircraft displays and of course our friends from the USMC Reserve 29 Palms.


Toy collection will continue at locations including the public lobby at Redlands Airport, Luxivar FBO at San Bernardino Airport, Johnny’s Taco’s in Redlands, Arthurs Restaurant in Mentone, and at Hangar 24 Brewery Tasting Room. Look for the official toy collection boxes at these locations. Contact Cindy Gablin for more information @


On December 3, 2016, weather permitting, local pilots at Redlands airport will use their aircraft to deliver the toys to USMC Reserve personnel at 29 Palms airport.

Thanks to all the volunteers and donors that helped us yesterday with this event! We can’t do these type of events without your help and support.  Photos of the event can be located on our website under the photo’s tab.

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UAS Operations @ KVCV

When tuning in to the Southern California Logistics Airport (KVCV) ATIS, it is not uncommon to hear ‘UAS operations underway’. What does this really mean?

Yesterday upon calling tower for an intersection takeoff clearance, I was told to hold short for departing traffic. As I looked towards the end of the runway I saw a v-tail and thought I would be treated to a front row seat of a F/18 performing a viking departure.

Instead this flew by…

Something tells me this won’t be the last time I receive a hold short notice to make way for arriving or departing UAV’s.

Keep calm and drone on,

Steve W.

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