We Stuffed 28 Planes Full of Toys and Delivered them to the USMC


Anyone can stuff a bus as part of a toy drive, but how about stuffing planes full of toys for for the Toys for Tots program! We stuffed 28 to be exact.


On Saturday, December 10, 27 planes from Redlands airport and one plane that departed from Havasu flew to 29 Palms airport. This aerial carvan arrived on time and within a 45 minute window.

All the pilots are based at Redlands with the exception of Alex Mirand, a Long Beach pilot who stopped at Redlands in his beautiful King Air to pick up some bikes at Redlands he donated at our October kickoff event. All 28 planes were really stuffed with toys!

The pilots maintained an orderly aerial procession that started with an arrival procedure beginning over Yucca Valley airport and ending at 29 Palms airport. It was an awesome sight and it all went very well!!!


The USMC was impressed with the airlift and 40 participating pilots and crew members helped them load-up a huge pile of toys including 8 bikes and 2 trikes! We also gave them a check for $1000.00.

There are lots of photos on our website under the photos tab. Click on 2016 Toys for Tots Airlift.


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