AirFest 2019 In Danger Of Being Cancelled Due To K-Rat Infestation – H24 Charities Seeking Sponsors to Help

Reprinted from the H-24 March 2019 Newsletter… AirFest 2019 is on the brink of cancellation. Airfest Charities was recently notified that we will not be able to use our normal, main parking lot due to the increase in K-Rat population and now seeking sponsorships to help with the costs of shuttles and land preparation at an alternate parking site.

The 2019 AirFest, hosted by Hangar 24 Charities, received City Council approval with a 3-2 vote in favor of the Airfest. This approval included a full fee waiver requested by Hangar 24 Charities, however, the event is in danger of being cancelled due to a K-Rat problem in the main parking lot used for the Airfest.

An alternative parking lot was secured at the corner of San Bernardino and Wabash, owned by Eudeen Chang. This lot is located about 1 mile from the event entrance and would require shuttle buses for the guests of the Airfest. The cost of the shuttles ($30,000) and preparing the parking lot ($15,000) would cost approximately $45,000. This event is a charity event and these additional costs would be prohibitive for a show of this size. This immense cost may force the cancellation of the AirFest unless sponsor or other funding source is not found immediately.

The endangered San Bernardino K-Rat has a large habitat in the parking lot used for the AirFest. Upon environmental review, it was established that the lot would not be able to be used this year due to the increase in the areas populated by the K-rat.

We would really appreciate any help to save Airfest!! Many organizations depend on it. If you or if you know anyone that would be interested in sponsoring the new parking lot preparation and/or the shuttle buses, please contact Sue Cook, 951-543-2654 or

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