Redlands 2018 Voter Info

2018 Redlands City Council Elections

The city council elections in Redlands are confusing this year.  The city is changing the way council members are elected. They are changing to a district-based system in accordance with the California Voting Rights Act of 2001 and growing concerns about challenges to at-large election systems throughout the state. In 2017, Redlands adopted ordinance No. 2848, to change the city’s electoral system for city council members from at-large to by-district elections.

“District-based elections” are a method of electing members to the city council in which each candidate must reside within a specified election district and is elected only by voters residing within that election district. This was done for two reasons: (1) it is believed the district-based elections will result council seats being filled by candidates that better represent the needs and demographics of the district, (2) it mitigates the potential for a lawsuit from groups that have already challenged cities.

So, after many meetings and deliberations the City of Redlands approved the map below of the districts in Redlands. Want to know exactly where your district is located? Better maps can be found on the City’s website at this link: District Maps

Three of the 5 city council seats vacated by council members with terms that expire this year will be filled by district elections.  The district elections will be held in districts 1, 3 and 5. The winners will serve 4 year terms.  A 4th vacancy also exists this year, but it will be filled by the traditional at large election by voters throughout the city. It will be for a two year term to coincide with the late council member Pat Gilbreath’s original 4-year term.  In November 2020 this seat will again be up for reelection and will be filled by voters in District 4. Councilman Eddie Tejeda was elected by an at large election. His term expires in November 2020. His seat will then be filled by voters in District 2.

Who are the candidates to follow? Here is a list of the 14 candidates by District and the “At Large” vacancy.

Redlands City Council Candidates

District 1 – Denise Davies, Andy Hoder, Priya Vedula, Eric Whedbee & Renea Wickman

District 3 (Airport) – Paul Barich (existing Council Member), Luis Enrique Estrada, Joe Richardson & Mike Saifie

District 5 – Paul Foster (existing Mayor) & Ryan Johnson

At Large – Tony Momberger (existing Council Member), Brian Seghers & Michael Teneyck

When it comes to politics, The RAA can’t campaign for, or endorse candidates. Our bylaws do not allow us to do so. But we can provide information to members about candidates so they can make informed choices.

This election is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity as four of the five City Council seats will be elected. It is extremely critical to the longevity and funding of our airport to get airport friendly candidates elected.

Even if you are not a Redlands resident, you should pay attention to this council election as you may be able to share this information with friends that are Redlands voters. If you are a Redlands resident, don’t stay home on election day because you don’t understand the process. You may end up with a council member that does not represent your interests and the needs of our airport.

Candidate Endorsements by Others

Redlands Chamber of Commerce 

At-Large: Toni Momberger, D1: Denise Davis, D3: Paul Barich, D5: Paul Foster

Redlands Police officers Association

At-Large: Toni Momberger, D1: Denise Davis, D3: Paul Barich, D5: Paul Foster

Redlands Professional Firefighters

At-Large: Toni Momberger, D1: Denise Davis, D3: Joe Richardson, D5: Paul Foster

Incumbent Candidate Voting History on Airport Issues

Mayor Foster, and Council Members Barich and Momberger have voted in support of all airport events proposed during their terms by the RAA and Hangar 24 Charities.  They have also voted for all airport grant funding requests prepared by City staff.

On June 21, 2016, Mayor Foster and Council Member Barich voted to approve tentative tracts 19975 and 18979. Tentative tract 18979 is a 55 lot subdivision on the north side of San Bernardino Ave between Judson and Dearborn and tentative tract 19975 is a 67 lot subdivision opposite tract 18979 on the south side of San Bernardino Ave. The projects were approved unanimously by the council in spite of concerns voiced by many over noise and safety of overflight.

RAA Candidate Survey 

We sent the RAA Candidate Survey to all 14 candidates. Only 8 of the 14 responded. Only 1 of the members of the current City Council, Toni Momberger responded. Mayor Paul Foster and Council Member Barich did not submit a survey response.

Why didn’t all the candidates respond? Maybe airport users are not seen as an influential voter body. Or, maybe the questions were too difficult. Perhaps some of the candidates didn’t bother responding because they think they have the race in the bag. You can decide on your own.

We certainly do appreciate the candidates that did respond. They did take time to reflect on our airport and it’s issues.  We have met with a few of them too! They all care about the City of Redlands and Redlands Airport. Please give them some consideration when you vote!

Here are the candidate responses:

At Large – Brian Seghers

At Large – Toni Momberger

District 1 – Andy Hoder

District 1 – Priya Vedula

District 1 – Renea Wickman 

District 3 – Mike Saifie

District 3 – Joe Richardson

District 5 -Ryan Johnson

Please learn about the candidates and exercise your democratic rights to vote!